An air purifier is the best way to bring that fresh air feel to an enclosed room. It will be able to remove over 99% of harmful airborne particles and odors, leaving your home smelling clean and fresh.

There is a lot of variation between air purifiers. They come with different features, different filter types, and different sizes that can accommodate different rooms throughout your house.

Below, we have put together a complete buyer’s guide that has everything you need to know about air purifiers and filters.

Not only that, but we have searched high and low to find our favorite purifiers on the market to match your specific needs.

Best Air Purifiers on The Market – Features Comparison Table

Product Name Best for HEPA UV-C Auto Detection CADR Max Room Size
GermGuardian AC4825 Best Overall Yes Yes No 100 200 sq. ft.
AeraMax 100 Home Yes No No 150 200 sq. ft.
Whirlpool Whispure Home Yes No No 315 500 sq. ft.
Alen BreatheSmart Home Yes No Yes 825 1,100 sq. ft.
Prolux Enfinity Dust Yes No Yes 750 1,000 sq. ft.
Breathe Fresh Smoke Yes Yes No 2625 3,500 sq. ft.
AeraMax 200 Allergies Yes No Yes 300 400 sq. ft.
GermGuardian AC4300BPTCA Pets Yes Yes No 100 200 sq. ft.
Winix WAC9500 Pets Yes No Yes 212 283 sq. ft.

Things You Should Check When Buying A Best Air Cleaner

 Identify air pollutants : Air purifiers can help rid your home of anything from tobacco smoke to pollen and everything in between. Most purifiers will be able to filter out the majority of the airborne allergens and pollutants floating around in your home, however, some target specific particles and odors better than others.

As you look through the different air cleaning machines, pay attention to their features and designs so that you can select the purifier that will be most effective in fighting against the pollutants that are present in your home. In order to help you identify the pollutants that are floating around in your home, we will give you a brief overview of the most common ones.

  • VOCs – VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are chemicals that can cause irritation and jeopardize your health. These chemicals are commonly found in many household items such as cleaning supplies, paints, glues, and disinfectants. These chemicals can enter the air as vapor, which you can then inhale.
  • Tobacco Smoke – Tobacco or cigarette smoke is absorbed by your carpets, furniture, and drapes throughout your house. Since most homes are limited to the amount of ventilation they have, it traps the smoke inside and allows it to seep into these areas. Over time, the smell left over from tobacco smoke will accumulate and it will become noticeable without smoking at all. An air purification machine will help filter out tobacco smoke and prevent the smell from lingering in your house.
  • Microorganisms – Microorganisms include bacteria, pathogens, viruses, and antigens. Basically, they are the germs that make us sick. Air purifiers will reduce and eliminate many of these microorganisms, helping you stay healthy and avoid getting sick.
  • Airborne Particles – Airborne particles include mold spores, pollen, fungi, pet dander, dust mites and plant spores. These particles can cause asthma attacks and indoor allergy irritation. If you struggle with asthma or allergies, a HEPA filter will be able to help you get rid of these particles.

 Choose A Correct Filter Type : There are many different filter types that are designed to tackle different kinds of air pollutants. Each filter type is designed for different pollutants. The best filters for you will depend on your specific needs with the air quality in your home. You can check the following most common filter types.

Allergen and Particle FiltersOdor Absorbent FiltersMicro-Particle FiltersSterilization Filter TreatmentsPet Hair Filters
  • HEPA Filters

The high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) filter is a staple feature that you will see across most purifiers. This type of filter can remove air pollutants that equal or exceed 0.3 µm in size. In other words, it will remove 99.97% of the particles that are floating around in your home.

HEPA filters can also reduce dust, capture mold spores that are floating around, can help reduce the smell of cigarettes and other tobacco smoke, pollen, and dander from your pets.

The HEPA air filter is present in all of the filters we are reviewing today. It is the most effective filter overall and is ideal for reducing household odors and allergens. We recommend that you get a top rated air purifier that has a HEPA filter since it covers so many common airborne particles.

Although they are the most popular, they do have some weaknesses, including the inability to filter out ultrafine airborne particles. Fortunately, there are other filters that are designed to take care of this which we will go over below.

  • Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are typically used along with other filters within an air cleaner. Carbon filters do a great job in absorbing odors and gasses. Charcoal is a great natural filter that uses its ports to capture any odors that pass through it.

  • Charged Media Filters

Media filters are a combination of a particle filter, which is a lesser version of the HEPA filter, and it uses an electrostatic charge to capture tiny particles as it passes through.

These filters can capture particles that are much smaller than what a HEPA filter can take out. They can filter out particles that are three times as small as what the HEPA filter can take out. These types of filters will have to be changed out a lot more often because they lose their effectiveness at a fast rate.

  • Electrostatic Precipitators

These filters work in a similar way that the media filters do. The only difference between the two is that the media filter captures the particles, while the electrostatic precipitator expels the particles through precipitation which is then collected on specialized plates.

The main advantage that these filters have over media filters is that they do not have to be replaced at all. Instead of replacing these filters, you can simply rinse the plates off and continue using it.

  • Antibacterial Filters

These filters are specifically designed to trap and kill bacteria and viruses that pass through it. Typically, air purifiers that have antibacterial properties use HEPA filters that are treated with special substances. These filters are specifically designed to destroy harmful microorganisms. These filters may also employ UV light to help kill germs that pass through the purifier.

  • Heat

Some machines use heat to help sterilize the air that passes through it. These purifiers have an inner core that is heated up to 400°. When the air enters the core, the high temperatures kill all of the microorganisms that it captures. It contains the hot air until it cools off. Once the air cools off and sinks, it is released back into your home.

  • Pre-Filters

A pre-filter is an additional layer that the air passes through before it enters the main filter stage. A pre-filter is designed to take out large particles that are floating in the air. These particles usually consist of dust and pet hair.

The pre-filter takes out the larger airborne particles before the air is sent through the main filters of the machine. It is a feature that you will see on most air purifiers that are designed for pet owners.

 Know CADR : The clean air delivery rate (CADR) of an air purifier is based on the volume that the purifier can filter within one minute. The higher this number is, the faster the purifier is cleaning the air.

In order to determine what clean air delivery rate you need, you can use the following formula:

.75 x sq. ft. = Clean Air Delivery Rate

The CADR is equal to 3/4ths of the square footage of the room that the purifier will be placed in. This equation assumes the purifier will be placed in an enclosed room with ceilings that are of a normal height. If you’re using the purifier in an open room with more ventilation or a room with vaulted ceilings, you will have to adjust the CADR accordingly.

Example:If you have a room that is 15 feet wide by 20 feet long, or 300 sq. ft., you can get the clean air delivery rate by inputting that number into the equation.

CADR = .75 x 300 sq. ft. = 225

In this example, the CADR that you are looking for should be equal to 225 or higher.

  • Calculating the CADR with Vaulted Ceilings

This equation assumes you are in a standard size room that has ceilings that are 8 feet high. If you have ceilings that are higher than 8 feet, simply choose the next highest clean air delivery rate level. If you have vaulted ceilings that are two stories high, you should jump up at least two levels above the rate that you calculated.

A good rule of thumb when determining what the right CADR is for you is to always round up. Cost permitting, it is always more effective to choose the purifier that has the highest clean air delivery rate.

  • Filter Cycle Frequency

Another term for the CADR is the filter cycle frequency. The filter cycle frequency is the amount of time it takes to filter all of the air within the room size that it is designed for. The faster the cycle time is, the more efficient the air cleaner is doing its job.

This time will increase with smaller areas and decrease when you place it in larger areas. In general, the lower the cycle frequency is, the better.

 Check These Powerful Features 

  • Auto-Check Filter Feature

Some of these machines will automatically notify you when it is time to change the filter. This is useful because these purifiers become less effective if they are using an old and rundown filter. These things are easy to forget about, so having a purifier that will automatically remind you when it is time to change the filter is a very helpful feature to have.

  • Variable Speeds

While this is not a standard feature in all air cleaning machines, some of them have variable speed controls. This is useful to have to adjust to different conditions. For example, if you have company, you may want to turn up the power on your purifier. On the other hand, if you are not going to be home very much through the week, you can save energy by lowering the speed.

Another use for this is to control the noise level. If you are using a bedroom air purifier, you can keep it on high during the day and turn it on low to reduce the noise level while you sleep.

  • UV-C Sanitizer

The UV-C sanitizer is a type of light that is used to eliminate common household odors that come from smoking, foods, and our pets. It also kills bacteria using ultraviolet light. This is an extra feature that will allow the air cleaner to keep odors down and it removes even more bacteria from the air.

  • Noise Level for Bedrooms

Air purifiers make noise. Some of them are loud and powerful while others are soft and quiet. If you want to save money, one of the sacrifices you will typically have to make is with the noise level of the model. Likewise, if you are looking for a powerful yet quiet purifier, you are likely going to have to spend a lot for it.

The important thing to remember about noise level is the location that you will be using it in. If you are using it in your living room where daytime activities will be taking place, the noise level will be a big issue. However, if you are using it in your bedroom, this is something that you should consider as a priority.

 Do Not Ignore Your Room Size 

There are a lot of things to consider when you are selecting a top air purifier for your room and home. The biggest factor that you need to keep in mind is the size of the room that you will be using it in.

There are different purifiers that are designed for different sized rooms. In general, purifiers that will be able to handle larger rooms will come at a higher cost.

In order to get the best value, it is important to understand what type of air purifier you will need for a given room. You can use the above mentioned CADR to figure it out.

Air Purifier Reviews

Below, we have some air cleaners that we reviewed. We are going to start with our favorite air cleaning machine and work our way down to the best air purifiers for the home, dust removal, allergen removal, smoke odor removal, and pet hair removal.

Our Best Choice: GermGuardian AC4825


We selected the GermGuardian 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System as our best air purifier of 2016. As far as air cleaning machines go, it has everything you could ask for. It is on top of the Amazon best seller list and for good reasons.

First, we like the look of it. It has a sleek black and blue trim design with a 22-inch tower frame. Within this frame lies a true HEPA filter, carbon filter replacements and an ultraviolet light which kills any passing viruses, germs, mold or bacteria.

The carbon charcoal filter will absorb any odor that it picks up. It also has a pre-filter that blocks out all of the larger particles like lint, dust, and pet hair. This purifier is specifically designed for medium-sized rooms. It has a CADR of 100 and is extremely energy efficient.

Our favorite feature of this purifier, and the reason why we have it as our top choice, is how quiet it is. It can be placed right next to your bed and it won’t disturb your sleep at all. It’s hard to find an air cleaning machine that isn’t disturbingly loud, so coming across this one was a pleasant surprise for us.

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Best For Home Use
  • AeraMax 100


The AeraMax 100 is a best home air purifier as it places an emphasis on allergen reduction within the home. It has a HEPA filter that has an added antimicrobial filter that specifically targets and eliminates many particles that contribute to allergies.

This purifier receives a certification from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America thanks to its use of multiple filters. Our favorite feature of this purifier is its special mode that is reserved for cold and flu season. When activated, this purifier becomes highly efficient in eliminating the influenza virus from the air.

This is a smaller purifier that is only designed for rooms of up to 200 sq. ft. It is best used for bedrooms and small living spaces. If you are looking for a purifier that can handle a larger room, this may not be the best option for you.

However, if you have allergies or asthma, this is the perfect purifier to put in your room while you sleep. It’s not too expensive and it will make a huge difference in the way you feel when you wake up. If you are not ready to spend big on a top model, this is a great beginner purifier that will make a huge difference in your life.

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  • Whirlpool Whispure


A great option for your home, this one is able to cycle through a medium to large sized room nearly 5 times in a single hour. It is built to run quietly and it has six different speeds that you can set it on.

It has four fan speeds which you can use to increase the speed at which it completes a full cycle. It also has a turbo mode and a sleep mode, which keeps it extra quiet. Its sleep mode makes it great to use in bedrooms. One common issue that we constantly came across while we were reviewing air purifiers was the noise that they made. As far as noise level goes, this model set on sleep mode is one of the quietest that we got our hands on.

It is ideal for large master bedrooms. It is quiet enough that it would not disturb your sleep, but large enough to handle oversized and master bedrooms.

See how quiet other users describe it here.

  • Alen BreatheSmart


This air cleaner is designed for your large rooms that would otherwise disqualify many of the smaller purifiers that you will look through in our review. It can accommodate rooms as large as 1,100 sq. ft.

It’s great for smaller rooms that have open designs, vaulted ceilings, and permanent ventilation. This is the type of filter that you should be looking for if you have a loft style home or you just want to maximize the air quality throughout your entire house.

Aesthetically, this is one of our top rated air purifiers. It comes in 15 different color options you can choose from. If style is important to you, you will be able to find the type that perfectly matches your home with this brand.

This air cleaner has a two hour cycle time. It also offers four types of filters that you can use to match the specific air purification goals that you are looking for.

Lastly, it has a smart sensor that allows it to adjust to changing environmental conditions automatically. This automatic smart sensor will turn the purifier off when the air quality is high enough. This will help extend the life of the filters and reduce the frequency that you will have to change them.

Overall, this is one of our favorite do-it-all air purifiers. It is perfect for pretty much any situation. If you are not sure which machine is right for you and you just want a good overall brand, this would be one of our top recommendations.

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Best For Removing Dust
  • Prolux Enfinity


The Prolux Enfinity Brushless HEPA Air Purifier packs a lot of power into its small design. It has five speeds and is specifically designed to keep your home dust free. It has a smart mode feature which automatically turns the purifier off and on depending on the air quality.

It also reacts to the surrounding light in its area. If you turn the light off, it automatically goes into its sleep mode which keeps the purifier running at a slower speed. This is perfect for the office when you want to keep the air fresh but everyone is gone for the night. Once the lights are turned back on, it returns to full speed again.

This purifier can handle rooms as large as 1000 sq. ft. It has three different filters combined in one. It has a HEPA filter that we mentioned above, the ion filter which helps clean the air, and the carbon filter which absorbs odors as they pass through.

This purifier is great to use in any room. It is powerful enough to handle large open rooms but quiet enough to place in the bedroom or office. The only place we feel it is less than ideal is for specifically small rooms. If you have a small bedroom, we feel there are better options. If not, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

See what other people say about it here.

Best For Family With A Smoker
  • Breathe Fresh


If you live with a smoker, the Breathe Fresh 5-in-1 Air Purifier is a must-have. This purifier was specifically designed to remove the smell of cigarette or tobacco smoke from the home. It can cover a huge area, up to 3500 sq. ft. This makes it one of the most powerful purifiers that we came across.

It has a built-in ultraviolet light component that helps it destroy any viruses that pass through it. It has a fan that you can set at five different speeds to accommodate different sized rooms. This purifier is perfect to place on the first floor of your open floor plan. Simply place it into a central location, turn it on, and enjoy that fresh air sent in your new home.

The purifier generates 180 mg of ozone per hour. This process removes a lot of the bad odors that are lingering in your home. It especially targets cigarette and tobacco smoke. Its ozone feature is why we consider it to be the best air purifier for smoke. But please DO REMEMBER that once the ozone feature is activated, please MAKE SURE no humans or pets in the same room with the machine. You can return after one to three hours after this function has been turned off.

Lastly, it has a great look, a large LCD screen that makes it easy to cycle through the different settings, and its digital timer functionality lets you control exactly when it runs and when it doesn’t.

Click to find out more about its amazing ozone feature here.

Best For Allergies
  • AeraMax-200


The AeraMax 200 performed the best at moving allergens from the air. It has a HEPA filter that is treated with an additional layer of antimicrobial treatment which helps it remove over 99.9% of all particles floating in the air.

It removes ragweed, pollen, dust mites, germs, mold spores, viruses and tobacco smoke from the air. Pretty much anything that can cause irritation to someone with allergies, this purifier takes care of them.

This purifier is very similar to the AeraMax 100 that we reviewed above. It has the same cold and flu mode which allows it to target viruses in the air. The main difference between the two models is the way they are packaged. The AeraMax 200 has a very different look from the 100 model, but it is just as effective.

It is ideal for small and medium-sized rooms. It can handle rooms that are as large as 400 sq. ft. We recommend it for bedrooms and medium or small sized common areas. We especially recommend this purifier for people that have trouble with allergies and asthma attacks.

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Best For Pets Owners
  • GermGuardian AC4300BPTCA


The GermGuardian Elite 3-in-1 Pet Pure is a best air purifier for pets that we were able to take a look at. It comes equipped with everything that you could ask for to keep that pet smell from infiltrating your home. It has a HEPA filter which will capture dust mites and pet dander. On top of that, it has a charcoal filter which absorbs that pet smell.

Along with that, it has its pet pure antimicrobial agent which prevents mold from growing on the filter. This extends the life of the filter and keeps mildew, bacteria, and mold from accumulating on it. Lastly, it has an ultraviolet light that helps to further kill any mold spores, bacteria, and germs that are floating around.

It is best to place in small rooms. It has a CADR rating of 100 and can be set at three different speeds. Although it is limited to small and medium-sized rooms, it is extremely effective in what it does. If you want to make the effort to keep your home completely odor free, we recommend placing these air cleaning machines in each of the bedrooms and smaller rooms throughout your home.

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  • Winix WAC9500


The Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner is the last machine that we will review today and it is our favorite purifier that is designed for pet owners. It has a unique feature called plasma wave technology, which helps to eliminate odors, gasses, and bacteria in the air. It has a HEPA filter and a carbon filter that can be washed and reused.

To deal with pet hair, it has a pre-filter which captures large particles and pet hair before it reaches the filters. This prevents the filters from having to deal with the pet hair which, in turn, extends the life of the filters. This, along with its washable filter plates, turns this purifier into a low maintenance pet hair and odor destroyer.

We prefer this purifier over the GermGuardian that we reviewed above because of its extended range that it works in. It can handle rooms up to 283 sq. ft. while maintaining a high effectiveness.

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Final Thoughts

Each of these air cleaning machine will make a big difference in the air quality in your home. If you have allergies, asthma, you live with a smoker or you own pets, we highly recommend that you strongly consider an air purifier.

We have reviewed a wide selection of purifiers that specifically target different air pollutants. We hope that you are able to find the purifier from our list that is perfectly suited for your needs. If you want to see more options, then you can check our picks and reviews of the following air purifier brands. They have established their reputations in the industry so you can get quality products and services.




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