One of the most common dilemmas that users face when searching for the right air-purification system is the size of the unit itself. Thanks to this item, the problem that most people who have medium or average-sized rooms are finally solved. No need to stick to compact designed purifiers and larger ones to address our air purification needs. This unit is designed to be highly effective in rooms of about 420 -390 square feet in size.


When it comes to finding the best air-purification system, noise, size, and overall quality are essential to users. While we understand that it all boils down to personal preferences, this Blueair 403 machine is one of the units we were glad to discover.


Blueair 203 is a highly efficient air-purification system for small rooms with a maximum space of 240 square feet. If you are looking for a machine to be installed in your office or bedroom, this is worthy of your consideration.