Obviously, the thing that makes this air purifier stand out from the competitors is the fact that it features a Bluetooth. That allows you to connect the device with your iPhone or Android phone and operate it remotely. Apart from being easy to control, this device also puts on a good performance when it comes to purification of the air.


People behind this project had space-saving in mind when they came up with the design of this air purifier. The tower design of the device enables you to place it whenever you want. It’s easy to carry it, so you can move it from one to another room. Speaking of rooms, this device can clean air in areas of up to 170 square feet.


Honeywell is the number one brand recommended by allergists. If you or other members of your family are having problems with breathing, a wise decision is to buy a Honeywell air purifier. One of the best you can get is the model named HPA200.


All Honeywell devices are recommended by doctors to those people who have problems with allergies or asthma. That is because all of their air purifiers, including Honeywell HPA100 feature high-quality HEPA filters that capture a high percentage of microscopic allergen particles.


Honeywell designed the HFD-120-Q for use in small rooms to up to 170 square feet in size. That’s why they made it relatively small and pleasant on the eye. Still, looking nice in your room is not the only thing that makes this air cleaner special. It is also superb when it comes to cleaning the air from airborne pollutants.


If you or members of your family have problems with allergies, one of the best ways to deal with the issue is getting an air purifier. Still, simply buying one is not an easy task. You need a unit that removes allergens from the air. One of the best of these that you can find on the market today is this special model.


This unit is great for using in your home as it doesn’t make too much noise. In fact, you might not even notice it’s there – apart from being quiet, the item is also not too large. But, being discreet does not mean it won’t do the job right. On the contrary, the performances of Honeywell 17000 are amazing, which you’ll learn more about bellow.


This model is able to clean the air in a room of 390 sq ft in size. Not only will it circulate the air, it will get rid of the most particles that can cause allergies. It’s because of the glass-fiber HEPA filter, which is capable of capturing 99.97% of tiny particles, some as small as 0.3 microns.