There is a myriad of reasons why anyone would choose to buy an air cleaner. The reasons range from having allergic or asthmatic reactions, mold problems, and bad cook or smokers in your household to probably living in a heavily polluted area such as an inner city neighborhood. You could also be someone who values the quality of the air in your indoor spaces. Whichever your reason might be, you may want to give a closer look at the Winix 5300 model.


If you are reading this review, then you know a little bit about air purifiers and the fact that most of the models fail miserably in dust and odor detection. Well, not the Winix WAC9500 ultimate air cleaner. It ranks high in allergen, dust, and odor detection using its Smart Sensors technology. The unit is made for an ample sized family room or a large bedroom. It combines its PlasmaWave technology with True HEPA filtration to provide clean pollutant free air in your interior surroundings.


The Winix WAC5500-2 is a more enhanced replacement to the famous Winix WAC 5500 model. It is designed for all homes with a need to capture smoke, dust particles, pet dander, mold spores, pollen, odors, and other volatile organic compounds (VOC). In comparison to the former 5500 model which did little to address pet odor issues, this is an improved all-in-one version that is guaranteed to clean your indoor air more efficiently. It also comes


If you are searching for an economical air purifier that provides True HEPA filtration and odor control, then the Winix WAC6300 is a perfect choice. It is affordably priced yet comes with most of the advanced features you find in air cleaners with higher price tags. This unit offers the convenience of automatic operation.


You probably know that Winix is a leading brand in the air cleaners industry. What you probably didn’t know is that the Winix U450 model is the largest and most efficient model the company makes. The U450 comes with a 5 stage air cleaning system that includes a washable pre-filter that removes large particles such as hair and pet fur before it gets into the True HEPA filter.


Air cleaners come in different styles and features but this product is in a class of its own. It is WiFi enabled besides all the other bells and whistles you find in high-performance air cleaners. It is an elite product from the brand leader Winix. It can be used in any room in your house with a maximum size of 400 square feet.


This unit has a CADR rating of 350 square feet. It is a True HEPA air cleaner capable of eliminating over 99% of allergens and odors. It features PlasmaWave technology that ensures you get fresh and clean air at all times. This is a great product from the renowned brand Winix that guarantees superior control over all pollutants, odors, and allergens.